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We specialize in building touch solutions for corporate clients and individuals. Touch technology has taken up a large portion of the technology market.

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Buttons on electronic devices have now become old fashioned. Touch screens are becoming more popular as it’s much easier to control them.

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Top 4 tech news sites

With so much going on in the technology world, people now want to stay in touch with all the innovations that’s taking place. They want to read technology news to know about the latest and upcoming technologies. Here are the best sites for technology news.

1. TechCrunch.com


This website provides information about new technology and gadgets. It is now one of the leading technology media in the world. This website provides the latest technology news and product reviews as well.

2. Wired.com


This page tells about the future trends in technology. You will get news about new gadgets, science, business, entertainment, security devices and many more. You will get to know about new technology in every field. It is one of the most popular tech news websites now.

3. Tech4.com


You will get reviews of new gadgets like TV, mobile, tablets, laptops, etc. You will also get photos, videos and podcasts on latest technology. You can watch videos, compare websites and play contests. Before you buy your new gadget, make sure you take a look at this website.

4. Mashable.com


This site provides news, resources and information for the new generation. It is a very engaged online news community. You can watch videos of the latest technology. The site has more than 20 million visits and more than 6 million social media followers.

All these sites provide latest news on technology and gadgets. You can stay updated about gadgets and technologies by reading these tech news websites regularly.


3 amazing touch solutions of this year

A lot of new products using touch solutions are expected to be releasing this year. With touch technology getting widespread use and acceptance, experts are trying to find out innovative ways of using it. Here are some of the latest touch screen solutions that we expect to see this year.

Apple Watch

Apple watch will have touch screen that will enable you to navigate through different functions. These include browsing the internet, doing a health check up like recording body temperature, accepting phone calls, GPS, and many more innovative features.

iPhone 7

The latest of iPhone series will be available this year. This phone is supposed to be all touch screen, even without a ‘home’ button. The phone will have more features than its previous versions. It will have motion detectors, that is, you won’t even need to touch the phone; all you need to do is swipe your finger across the screen.

iPad Air 3

This device will have faster processor, 3D touch, better camera, and many more new features that will make it one of the best touch devices of this year.

Touch devices have made our lives very comfortable. Everything is at our fingertips now. Apple applies touch screen to all it’s devices and has made touch screen so popular among the new generation. Touch screen now allows us to provide high security to our devices by the use of finger IDs; we can give signatures from anywhere without a paper and a pen; we can navigate easily from one option to the other. Use of buttons is becoming obsolete now because of the widespread use of touch screens. Future innovations are also expected to use this touch technology for their products.


4 ways in which touch technology has taken over the world

Touch screen technology has now become a staple feature in mobile devices. In the late 2000s Apple was mainly responsible for innovating touch screen through introducing iPhone. This technology now has a widespread use. The touch screen technology is used in ATM machines, cash registers, GPS systems, game controls, medical monitors, phones and other devices. Here are some widespread uses of touch screens.


All the electronic systems in your home can be controlled with an integrated touch screen monitor. You can control the CCTVs at your home, your door locking system, your TV, iPod, lighting, etc. with that single touchscreen monitor.


Touch screens are used in many industrial machines now. Touch screen machines make it easy to operate the machines and industrial equipment.


Touch screens are used in ATM machines, vending machines, point of sales displays in shops, exercise equipment, mobile, watch, TV, tablet, and many more.


All medical equipment and monitors is now touch screen. These touch screen machines make it easier for the doctors to use when they are with the patients.


The interactive technology is now used in educational institutions also. Touch screen displays are used to motivate children to learn. Touch screen whiteboards will be the future technology.

Touch screen technology in now used in almost every industry. Its interactive nature and ease of use has made it a popular choice among every one. It is easy to use and saves time as well. People have become so comfortable with using touch screens that it’s application will be more widespread in the future.


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